Moonwalk⎜18" Round

Moonwalk⎜18" Round

SKU: 182401

Moonwalk, 2019

      Epoxy resin, spray paint, alcohol ink, metallic pigment on wood

      18 inches


An Edible Therapy resin fluid paintings are all original and representative of the artist’s experience in that moment. Replicas can be made with similar colours / pigments / vibes but the composition will always be unique.

Each piece is handmade in our Hamilton studio with top quality resin and pigments. All are hang-ready.


We wish that photos could capture the depth, brilliance, complexity, and shine of our art. Unfortunately, pics just don’t do them justice. So you will fall even more in love with your artwork when you see it in person.

After you’ve received your painting, feel free to shoot us an email ( with a picture of it hanging in your space. We just love to see our stuff being enjoyed in their new homes!