Over the next several weeks I am going to introduce you, my outstanding readers, to the amazing rehabilitation team that has supported me on this journey towards my ‘new normal’. I would not be doing half as well as I am today if not for the support and knowledge I have received from these wonderful individuals and the valuable things that they have taught me. Chels and I could not even begin to imagine how much harder this journey would be without them.

They're basically my very own Justice League.

The first member to join my team, my ‘Justice League’, was Deanna Galbraith, an Occupational Therapist.

What's an Occupational Therapist?

When I met Deanna for the first time I was still bedridden at, “Un Hôtel des Parents” (aka my parents house.) I hadn’t a clue what an Occupational Therapist was or what her role would be in my rehabilitation journey. Most people assume that Occupational Therapy is only related to work. But in reality, an “occupation” is any activity that you do throughout the day, whether those are activities related to self-care, leisure, or productivity.

“Occupational Therapy (OT) is a health profession that empowers people of all ages to overcome barriers in their everyday lives so they can do more and live better.” (

An OT’s role covers basic things, including safety, mobility, equipment support, and communication with the clients work place, but Occupational Therapy covers so much more than that.

Deanna and I have worked on some really important things throughout the past two and a half years. She has helped me build routine into my life once again and has helped me to structure my days. We have worked on scheduling and organization, utilizing wonderful technology like tablets and smartphones to assist me. She has also led Chels and I through an 8 week Brain Injury Family Education Program that was incredibly enlightening. It gave us so much more insight and understanding of my A.B.I. and it also gave us a look into each other’s experience and what we were each feeling. It helped bring us closer as a couple, and gave us a lot of hope moving forward.

The main goal as an OT is to find what is meaningful to the client and to help them get back to doing the things that they love; Those things that bring the client a sense of purpose and supports a positive quality of life.

Through discussions and brainstorming about meaningful things in my life and things that I enjoy I started to focus on two activities that I enjoyed before the accident, and began integrating them into my ‘New Normal’.


I started getting creative in the kitchen again, and began reading and watching everything about food and cooking that I could find. I never seemed to have a hard time finding willing taste testers.

I also started picking up my camera again, and Deanna helped me sign up for some photography classes in Toronto, where I learned so much!

It was in those early days that the idea for An Edible Therapy was born!

Deanna has played a huge role in the development of this blog, which believe it or not started way back in 2014.

I have not been able to get back to everything that I loved to do before the accident, because of injuries and other limitations. But, the more I immerse my self in the things that I can do and love, the more ‘normal’ life starts to feel. Deanna has been an incredible cheerleader and coach, challenging me to safely move forward learning new and exciting things and to pursue the things that bring me fulfillment.

“People experience life to the fullest through the things they enjoy doing everyday- at work, in school, in their homes, or out in their communities. Occupational therapy, or OT for short, is a health profession that helps you or your family member develop the skills needed for day-to-day activities when these abilities are reduced or lost because of injury, illness, chronic disease, mental health issues, developmental delays, learning problems, the impacts of getting older or other health factors.”

( Check out this website if you are interested in reading more about Occupational Therapy.


“Working with Jon has been a very rewarding experience. As an OT we are trained to be client-centred and to work with our clients on the goals that are meaningful and important to them. Working alongside Jon and being able to witness his progress, commitment and determination on this meaningful project (and his rehabilitation in general) has been inspirational.”

-Deanna. Occupational Therapist


Occupational Therapy has been a key element in the success of my rehabilitation so far! Deanna has been so supportive to our family over the past few years: advocating for us; encouraging us; and educating us. It is evident in her everyday that she is truly in this profession to help people. Anyone who has had her as an OT would agree, that she is the best of the best! Thank you Deanna!

We couldn’t be more thankful for you and are so blessed to have you as a member of our “Justice League”!

Now.…. one area where Deanna could use my help, is in the kitchen. She is a self-professed anti-cook and would probably avoid it if she had the option.

So, for Deanna, I have picked this super easy, fun meal that even her kids can help her make!

These Personal Naan Bread Pizza’s are so easy and perfect for a Family Movie Night!

I know what we’re having tonight!

Thanks for stopping by this week! I Hope you have a great weekend! Why not make dinner easy one day this weekend and pick up some Naan bread and pizza toppings! Enjoy!

Peace & Love,

- Jonny Aps

See below for ingredients and directions.