Leaving the hospital was just the beginning of a very long road.

Of course I was unable to live on my own but my amazing parents invited me to move home while I recovered. At that point my injuries were stable and the bleeding in my brain had subsided so the doctors agreed that moving to my parents home may be more suitable and comfortable for my recovery.

My wife, Chelsea (fiancé at the time) had just finished school for the year and had not started working for the summer. I had also just sold my house and moved out a month before the accident. Timing couldn’t have been more perfect; If there is such a thing for an event like this.

My parents invited Chels and Max to move in so that they could be close to me and to help take care of me. We had no idea what was to come, but for now, it was good to be home. There really is nothing better than going home to mom when you’re sick or not feeling well (even as an adult).

But when mom is not around and you need a good dose of comfort, food is always a good backup option.

(Relax mom, I said backup, not replacement.)

Everyone has that go-to dish when they are in need of some comfort. In my opinion, nothing screams comfort like a big bowl of noodles! Ramen, pho, fettuccini, or vermicelli - it's all good! But today, the focus is all about my personal fave - and the favourite of many - Pad Thai. The first time I had Pad Thai I got it from a small place in Kensington Market, Toronto. And I was sold.

To be honest, it took me a long time to break away from Pad Thai when I would go out for Thai food. The irony is that Pad Thai is not entirely a Thai dish.It's believed that it's origins are actually Chinese, but we'll save that for the history buffs to confirm.

Making it at home sounds terrifying, but it's actually very simple once you break it down. What's more terrifying is the thought of using the store-bought brown slime that claims to be authentic Pad Thai sauce.

This dish is cooked in a very hot wok and comes together very quickly. So, it's imperative to have everything prepped and ready to go before you fire it up.

Thank you so much for taking the time to enter my world. I invite you to continue to follow me as I ventured towards my new normal.