Shortly after 8am on April 23, 2013 everything went black. I had just dropped off my beautiful fiancé and our adorable son Max at her mom and dad’s house. She had just finished her program for the semester and wanted to get some wedding planning done before she started work for the summer.

Back on the road, and on my way to work, I remember traffic slowing down and thinking there must be an accident up ahead. Traffic came to a complete stop and that is the last thing I remember. I had been rear ended.

My car had folded like an accordion.

I had fractured the back of my head on my head rest and my neck was hyper-extended backwards. I was unconscious and apparently snoring because my airways had been compromised from the positioning of my head and neck.

Thankfully my car veered off into the side rail so I did not hit anybody in front of me.

I do not remember much from that day, other than being rudely awoken in the hospital by a doctor ‘gently’ driving a dozen staples into the back of my skull and another probing me with a catheter. (Hungry yet?)

I had multiple back fractures, neck fractures, bruises and contusions, a skull fracture, 3 brain bleeds, and a Glasgow Coma score of 4. That is not a good score. In fact, that’s a very bad score.

Believe it or not, the doctor said that fracturing my skull was actually positive, because it gave my brain room to swell. It is possibly what kept me out of a coma and ultimately, alive!

At that point, the doctors had no idea what was in store for me. My family was confronted with the reality that I may not walk again, and worse, that I might not know who I was.

I wasn’t aware, but that night there were angels in my hospital room. The waiting room was packed with my incredible friends and family desperately praying for my recovery. Over the next few days, my recovery amazed doctors.

I started taking steps on my own, I was talking, eating and I was even making jokes.

Not even two weeks later I was pleading with doctors to let me leave the hospital. The food was terrible!


I invite you to follow along and create food with me as I share my story and work towards creating my new normal!