This past Saturday citizens of Hamilton, along with people from cities nationwide and worldwide, participated in a global initiative called 100 in 1 Day. 100 in 1 day is presented by Evergreen, a national not-for-profit organization that makes cities more livable.


“100in1day Canada is part of a global initiative with the goal to inspire change in cities across the country by compelling residents to activate 100 innovative, thought-provoking ideas into interventions to enhance their city all on one day. 100in1day (first known as 100en1dia) was started in 2012 by a group of design students in Bogotá, Colombia that intended to launch six urban interventions that would maximize the potential of their city. Over beers they decided to be more ambitious and launch 100 urban interventions that would take place in one day. On May 25, 2012, over 250 urban interventions took place in Bogotá, and a phenomenon was born. It has since spread to over 31 cities around the world.”

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The day was a huge success here in Hamilton! With 170 city wide urban interventions, that was almost double the goal!! Way to go Hamilton!

Park clean ups, community gardening, plant shares, yoga in the park, CPR classes, and neighbourhood baking parties, are just a few of the many amazing community interventions that took place in Hamilton this past weekend!

Since we’re all about food and people here at An Edible Therapy we decided to participate in an intervention sponsored by, Donut Monster, called “Front Porch Donuts”.

A dozen donuts were provided to participants for free to encourage the development of community and relationships in our neighbourhoods. The catch?

HOST A FRONT PORCH PARTY for the neighbours!

Reuben’s (owner of donut monster) vision for this intervention was simple: to see neighbours connecting and getting to know one another. And what better way, than over gourmet donut’s and coffee?!

We live in a time when people are so busy and consumed by their own lives that we often do not make time for the people living around us, on our streets and in our communities. We pull into our driveways, give a polite wave or a hello, and then disappear inside.

I understand that it’s sometimes hard to break the ice with neighbours, but for real, offer them free donuts and coffee and the ice is instantly broken. It’s simple, but who doesn’t love food. And aren’t the best conversations always over food?

We had such a good time that day! When we were getting ready for our Front Porch Party we noticed that some neighbours down the street were also hosting one.

So, we decided that we should pop by and introduce ourselves. After visiting for a good half hour we agreed that we should probably just join forces.

It was so much fun! We reconnected with old neighbours, got to know some new neighbours and really began developing some friendships. We have already made plans to get together again with neighbours that we met that day!

If you’ve never had Donut Monster, you need to change that! If you’re not from Hamilton, come visit and we’ll go out for donut’s! Totally worth it. Every week there is a new variety of gourmet donuts to choose from.

The owner and donut maker, Reuben Vanderkwaak, crafts these tasty treats at Hamilton’s local Kitchen Collective and delivers them, by bike, to local coffee shops and business’s for resale.

The Kitchen Collective is non-profit co-operative commercial kitchen, retail shop, and creative space for chefs, bakers, and food artisans in Hamilton.

I’m so glad that we decided to take part in this community intervention. It has really inspired Chels and I to be more neighbourly and to actively engage in relationships with our neighbours. That’s the kind of community that I want my kids growing up in. A community where neighbours come together and expand their tables.

Thanks for reading! I hope you have an amazing week!

Say hi to your neighbours, smile at them, and maybe even host your own neighbourhood front porch party. Pick up some Donut Monster donut’s or bake something at home!

Let’s build bigger tables, and make our communities stronger.

Peace & Love,

Jonny Aps