Hi! It’s been quite awhile since my last post, but I’m so excited to be back! We had a special little somethin’ cooking up around here all summer. It was our first summer I didn’t have to fight to keep the A/C on! I would like to introduce you to our newest son,

Kase Cook Aplin

[Photo Cred: Julie Johnson of Vine Images]

On August 16, 2016 at 4:20 am this beautiful baby decided to abruptly get us out of bed and sent me into a stage 4: “Holy crap, you weren’t supposed to come this early, this wasn’t part of the plan, what do I do now?!?!?!@$%^@#$% Meltdown. “

Chels’ water had broken!

I stumbled out of bed and shuffled around the house (remember it was 4am) trying to figure out what we needed to bring, calling to Max to wake up, all the while starting to panic, thinking that the baby was going to arrive any minute!

Packing on the fly is not my forte anymore. Especially at 4am with the impending birth of my son!

Something that was greatly affected from the injury to my Frontal Lobe was my Executive Functioning. Executive Functions are a set of cognitive processes – including attentional control, inhibitory control, working memory, and cognitive flexibility, as well as reasoning, problem solving, and planning.

I used to be a real “wing it” kinda guy. Going with the flow was natural, and making plans on the fly was a regular thing without a problem. This is not the Kase anymore. (Ha, see what I did there? And the dad jokes begin, well, continue)

A huge part of my therapy over the past few years has been identifying this, and working on strategies and utilizing technology to help me in these areas that are now a real struggle. At 4am and 2 weeks early, I was not accessing those strategies!!

Meanwhile, (cue songbirds singing) Chels was calmly on the phone with the midwife discussing what time we would meet her at the hospital. Once Chels had the plan from the midwife, doing what she does best, she reassured me that everything was ok and helped me go through a checklist of everything we needed to bring. We even had time to make a coffee!

We arrived at the hospital and Chels was still not in active labor. The midwife decided to wait for a couple of hours and at 8:30 she was induced. A few hours later, at 11:40am Kase Cook Aplin was born!

We wanted to pick a name that represented both of our families. Chels’ paternal family is dutch. Kase is a dutch name, (spelled Kees, in Dutch) and is the name of one of Chels’ Opa’s beloved brothers. His name means, ‘Bringer of Peace’. Cook comes from my side, and is the maiden name of my lovely Gramma!

Max is the best big brother and absolutely adores Kase.

Chels and I could not be happier with Kase’s arrival and are so thankful to God

for giving us two wonderful, healthy boys!

Huge shout out to family friend and extremely talented photographer Julie Johnson of Vine Images for doing such incredible job of capturing these beautiful photos, despite our lack of sleep! Stay tuned for next weeks post where I will divulge our secrets to surviving our sleepless nights!

Peace & Love,

Jonny Aps