You would think that a broken back and brain injury would be enough to handle for one summer... but that would be so boring. I mentioned earlier that Chels was my fiancé at the time of the accident. We got engaged 4 months before and had already picked a wedding date. What was that you said? Did we put the wedding on hold or change the date at least? Pfft…a brain injury and a broken back wasn’t enough to stop us. We’ve always liked to do things in unconventional ways. Besides, after an accident like that, you should be good to go in a few months, right?

Now, I’m not sure if it was love or the percocet (or a combination of the two) that had me doing so much wedding crafting, but either way there was no escaping it!! I was confined to bed and my ‘room’ was slowly being transformed into something from Pinterest. Actually,it was more just like a Pinterest bomb had gone off. You see, my sister and her fiancé Brandon, were getting married that summer too.

” You don’t have to be crazy to live here, but it sure helps! “

That was the summer’s tagline; and my amazing parents were graciously and happily hosting all of us! My sister’s wedding came first and was so incredible. It was an exciting milestone for me too because I stood in their wedding party that July after 3 months in bed. One month later it was our turn!

Our wedding was perfect. It turned out more beautiful than we even imagined, thanks to our wonderful family and friends and of course the cracking whip in Chels’ hand. Kidding.

The day was captured beautifully by the lovely and talented Julie Johnson from @vineimages

It obviously wouldn't have happened without the hours and hours of hard work and creativity our family, friends, and my incredible finance dedicated to it. And we had the best wedding party!

We had an outdoor wedding and the weather was perfect. The food was vibrant and full of flavour. We wanted the meal to represent our love for good food, culture, and our relationship. But, most of all we wanted the meal to rep HAM, ONT. Chicken shawarma baby! It was the bomb.

Now, of course nobody has a shawarma spit (and if you do, I want to know you) but making it at home is super easy! It just takes a handful of spices, an onion, lots of garlic, yogurt, and a lemon. Marinate the chicken, skewer it, throw them on the BBQ, and get ready to eat your own shawarma in the backyard.

You'll also want to make your own shawarma garlic sauce, traditionally called "Toum":

And can't forget the pitas and hummus:

Thanks so much for taking some time out of your week to step into my "new normal".


-Jonny Aps