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We are Jonny and Chels Aplin. We are trained Child and Youth Workers turned makers and entrepreneurs (unexpectedly).


April 23, 2013 - four months before we got married - was the start of a journey we never thought we'd be on. A journey towards healing, hope, and rediscovery. On that day in 2013, Chels received a devastating phone call explaining that Jonny was in a near-fatal car accident. Prognosis at that point was that he may not live through the night and if he did, he'd never be able to walk, talk, remember, or function *normally* again. He had broken five vertebrae in his back, two in his neck, fractured his skull, and had three brain haemorrhages. By God's grace, Jonny made a miraculous recovery and survived the night. And four months later we kept our wedding date - in sickness and in health, right? In those first few months it became apparent that getting back to "normal" was not an option. So, to this day we have been working our tails off to create our "new normal". Through project - based therapy, an incredible team of professionals, and a whole lot of prayer we started An Edible Therapy.


We see our business mainly as a platform to meet and encourage others through our story. Sharing stories and building community often begins with food. Our best conversations happen around the dinner table (or in our case, around a Live - Edge Charcuterie Board piled high with goodies.)

Our life experience has taught us that even the most broken and seemingly useless things can be restored, transformed and repurposed. This is why we use only reclaimed wood from fallen trees to make our beautiful and unique creations.


Well, that's us in a nut shell. We hope you feel loved and encouraged today, friend.

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Recovery Journey

Recovery Journey

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An inspiring video of our story made by Green Autumn Photography & Film in collaboration with Jordan Campbell of Carousel Tattoo & Barbershop.